Explore Anacortes

Parks & Trails

  1. Anacortes Forest Lands

    The city of Anacortes owns 2,8000 acres of land that we call the community forest lands. The forestlands are home to 20 miles of trails, lakes, streams, wetlands, and meadows. In the 20 miles of trails there are 9 loop trails that are designed for horses, motorcycles, bikes, and hikers.

  2. Ben Root Skate Park

    2313 R Ave
    Map & Directions

    7,500 square feet of concrete that makes the perfect spot to skate. The park has lighting, a drinking fountain, seating, and restrooms near by. The park sits adjacent to the Tommy Thompson Trail.

  3. Cap Sante Park

    1000 W. Ave
    Map & Directions

    This 37acre park is used primarily as a view point of the Cap Sante Marina, the city of Anacortes, March Point and the refineries, Fidalgo Island, and the Cascade Mountain range.

  4. Causland Memorial Park

    710 N. Ave
    Map & Directions

    This park was built in the 1920’s and a portion of the park is dedicated to the Anacortes veterans from WWI to the Vietnam War. The park is marked with unique walls of decorative rock and black and white mosaic designs.

  5. Deception Pass State Park

    Deception Pass State Park
    Map & Directions

    A 4,134acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three different lakes. Breathtaking views, old growth forests, and abundant wildlife can be seen all over the park. And don’t forget to take a walk across the bridge that connects Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island at 180 feet above the rushing waters below!

  6. Mt. Erie

    160 acres and home to the tallest point on Fidalgo Island, this location offers some of the best views of the islands and is the perfect spot for exploring or just watching the sunset

  7. Rotary Park

    701 T Ave
    Map & Directions

    A 1.5 acre linear park that is located at the north end of the Cap Sante Marina.

  8. Storvik Park

    1110 32nd St
    Map & Directions

    This 8.7acre park is home to a little league field, a soccer field, 2 basketball courts, picnic tables, and a large children’s play area.

  9. Tommy Thompson Trail

    Trailheads at 22nd St & R. Ave, at Fidalgo Bay RV Park, and at 30th St & U. Ave This 3.3 mile long paved trail is for pedestrians and bicyclists. Come walk along Fidalgo Bay and receive breathtaking views of local wildlife and of Mt. Baker.  The trail also crosses over Fidalgo Bay to March Point via a train trestle. 

  10. Tursi Park

    2200 Pennsylvania Ave
    Map & Directions

    This is a new park that has picnic tables and play equipment for the kids

  11. Washington Park

    6300 Sunset Ave
    Map & Directions

    This 220 acre park has a 2 mile walking or driving loop, boat launch, beach front, play and picnic area, and 75 campsites. Grab a picnic lunch and head out to Green Point located a ways into the loop road and gaze out onto Rosario straight. Who knows, you may see harbor seals, harbor porpoise, or even Orca Whales!